overige merken

Mectec is importeur van het merk Hermann en Galta. Deze firma’s leveren kwalitatief hoogwaardige hefbruggen in het topsegment van de markt. We adviseren u graag over de mogelijkheden!

Galta is a dynamic company with a simple and remarkable history: the passion of great industry professionals in the automotive sector, combined with the thirty-year experience of the staff, has developed a leading-edge business that aims to provide a product targeted to meet the needs of its global customers.

The choice of suppying the market whit 2 product lines allows Galta to satisfy the market in quality and ecomic terms, ensuring to the nished product the incomparable feature of the Made in Italy.

Starting from the design to the nished product Galta specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of high-quality lifts:

Big Scissor Lifts for alignment – 4T to 6T capacity
Double Scissor Lifts with mechanical/hydraulic safety release – 3T to 4T Electromechanic/electro-hydraulic 2 post lifts – 4T to 7T capacity
Lifts for garage and spray booths

“De werkzaamheden op de donderdag verlopen voorspoedig. Op vrijdagmorgen staan de nieuwe bruggen al. “We hebben een grote truck met een aanhanger. Daarmee kunnen we bruggen bijna kant-en-klaar aanleveren. Dan hoeven we ze op locatie alleen nog maar te plaatsen”, zegt Kuijer, die gespecialiseerd is in hefbruggen.”

A lifting platform is a part of the standard and of the main working equipment of every vehicle service shop all around the world. Whether it is the check-in, the service or with repair work – without a lifting platform for vehicles good, thorough, and fast work will not be possible. Accordingly diverse are the demands on a lifting platform for the vehicle of today and that is exactly what we have taken to heart when developing our products. In the meantime we can look back on 40 years of practical experience in the design and development of lifting platforms, which continues to push us to develop our products further. As a worldwide innovation leader in the vehicle lifting technology Herrmann AG continues to face new challenges posed, without ever losing sight of the basis of lifting. This is not about most complex systems, but systems which are to support our customers in the pursuit of their goals. That is our job.